Spring/Summer 2024

  • Taylor passed her appraisal exam and is officially a PhD candidate!
  • MAJOR congrats to both Taylor and Lydia for being awarded NSERC doctoral awards!!
  • Welcome to our summer undergraduate research students Basma (ROP), Oliver (ROP) and Bushra (NSERC USRA)!
  • Jon represented the lab at BEMS in South Carolina. Taylor and Cass are headed to Evolution.

Summer/Fall 2023

  • Big congrats to Hana for a great MSc defence!
  • Welcome to undergraduate researcher Celia!
  • Taylor was awarded a Queen Elizabeth II Graduate Scholarship in Science and Technology for 2023-4. Yay, Taylor!
  • Cass won a Connaught New Researcher Award.
  • It’s the best time of the year: field time! Cass and Hana are off the Belize to kickstart the multi-species connectivity project with UB ERI. Then Taylor and Cass are heading to Curaçao for another month of their favorite pastime: staring into sponges and catching gobies. Shala will be joining to start her honours thesis project.
  • Hana, Taylor, and Jon represented the lab at CSEE in Winnipeg!
  • Welcome to our summer undergraduate research students Hira (ROP), Rana (ROP) and Shala (Work Study/BIO481)!

Winter/Spring 2023:

  • We are excited to collaborate on a new 3-year project funded by the Belize Fund for a Sustainable Future, led by colleagues Jake Snaddon and Ninon Martinez at the University of Belize’s Environmental Research Institute! We’ll be exploring connectivity in multiple species of harvested finfish throughout Belize.
  • Cass received UTM RSAF funding for pilot work on sea cucumbers in Belize.
  • Jon, Lydia, and Cass all presented at the first SCAS meeting in Montreal.
  • Congrats to Jon for receiving an NSERC CGS-M!
  • Renee gave her first poster presentation at the ROP poster session. We are all so proud of the amazing work she did this year!

Fall 2022

  • Welcome officially to grad students Jon (MSc), Hana (MSc), and Taylor (PhD) at UTM!
  • Welcome to Lydia (PhD) and Sarah (MSc) who are based at UNBSJ and will be co-supervised by Cass.
  • Big congrats to Will for his first publication in CJFAS on population genetic patterns in a direct-developing whelk.

Summer 2022

  • Congrats to Jon and Taylor for each being awarded an OGS!
  • Cass received a DFO SFSF grant to explore fine-scale structure of whelk in 3Ps. We’ll be working with Dr. Krista Baker.
  • At last, Taylor, Hana, and Cass are in Curaçao for 7 weeks of field work.

Winter 2022

  • Congrats to Hana for receiving an NSERC CGS-M!
  • Congrats to Taylor and Will for two very successful MSc defences at UNBSJ!
  • Taylor’s first manuscript on IBD dispersal estimates is now out in Molecular Ecology!
  • Congrats to Mj for winning a dive training scholarship from the Women Diver’s Hall of Fame!
  • The lab has officially moved to the Department of Biology at the University of Toronto Mississauga after 3 great years at UNBSJ.