Taylor Naaykens

Taylor Naaykens

PhD Candidate

University of Toronto Mississauga

Taylor is a marine biologist who loves gobies, sea sponges, and SCUBA diving. Her PhD research focuses on the population genetic patterns of sponge-dwelling cryptobenthic fishes and their host sponges. Her MSc research investigated the use of an isolation-by-distance method for measuring larval dispersal in Belizean gobies. Prior to pursuing research in marine biology, Taylor cultivated experience as a research/field technician working on various projects studying wolf predation, wetland ecology, and arctic marine mammals. Taylor’s PhD has been supported by OGS, QEII-GSST, and NSERC doctoral scholarships.

Her favourite leisure activities include scuba diving, salsa dancing, axe throwing, and hiking.

  • MSc in Biology, 2022

    University of New Brunswick

  • BSc Hons. in Biology, 2016

    University of Manitoba